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    I live in Hong Kong and have been corresponding with a guy from the United States. He will be coming to visit on 10thAugust, in the meantime, we haven't opened web cam, we've only seen each other pictures. Our email exchange has made us known each other better, he is a busy lawyer and because of time difference we never had an extensive chat online. We had one phone call a couple of weeks ago. My issue is that I dont want to do the intimate thing too soon when he's in town and I think he knows from my profile that I'm quite conservative that way. But since he's flying here and will be quite free for a few days, I don't know what to do with his ample free time. I plan to have drinks, dinner, walking in the popular places like times square, maybe go to karaoke one night, but these are mainly activities from early evening onwards. I can't expect him to wait whole day and have nothing else to do just to but if I also offer day activities, I am worried that it is going to be too much for the beginning stage. I dont want us both to be put off by the extremes, either not see each other at all with the long distance or see each other all day long when he's in town. Please help!
    Sounds as though this is going to be a longgggg first date. I would make a serious attempt to cam with him prior to his visit--just to make sure he is ... For detail, click here

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